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The PFC difference. 

The market today is saturated with freight brokers. A lot of companies enter into the industry thinking that they will become successful quickly and easily with no logistics experience. That is not true. Transportation is a complex business that requires proper solutions management, trust, a solid financial background & a strong foundation of partner customers.


Our mission is to be a part of a catalyst change of the perception on brokers. As an asset based carrier ourselves, we understand the challenges large and small carriers face. 


Precision truly wants to be a business solution partner to strong carriers that offer quality service, safety, communication, and solutions when things go differently than planned. 

Partner Carrier

Becoming a Precision partner has its benefits. We provide round the clock help. Online portal providing you with our available freight, shipments in transit, ability to post your equipment and an AP portal. 

Contact your PFC carrier representative for more info! 

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